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Special revival or Re-dating of Paid-up policies

Special revival or Re-dating of Paid-up policies
October 17,2005

This scheme will help the policyholders whose policies are in Auto Paid-Up condition for five years or less and they can not afford to pay all outstanding premiums alongwith late fee accrued thereon.

This facility will help the policyholders to get their paid-up policies reinstated by paying one premium with slight increase instead of paying multiple premiums in default. Hence they will enjoy the risk coverage at quite a cheaper expense.

What is Paid Up:

If the policyholder did not pay premiums for at least two consecutive years and the Automatic Non-forfeiture Option is ‘A’ was opted, then policy will become Auto-Paid Up.

This scheme will facilitate those policies which are lying paid up for a period of five years or less.

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