Wealth Builder plan

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This plan is available in UAE, in US Dollars and UAE Dirhams and in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, in US Dollars only. If the policyholder has paid all the 7 premiums, the plan will continue to participate in State Life's surplus and earn bonuses. Whether the policyholder stays in Middle East or returns back to home in Pakistan, the benefits at maturity or earlier death will be payable in US Dollars or UAE Dirhams in which the policy was originally issued. Attaching following supplementary covers can further increase coverage under the policy:

  • Accident Death Benefit (ADB)
  • Term Insurance (TI)

Following maturity and death benefits available under this plan:

Maturity Benefit:


Full sum insured plus bonuses are payable to the policyholder on completion of the 20 years term of the policy.

Death Benefit:


Full sum insured plus attached bonuses is payable to the dependents on death of the life insured.

For further details about this plan, please contact our Gulf Zone.