Objectives, Vision, Mission & Quality Policy




  • To run life insurance business on sound line.
  • To provide more efficient service to the policyholders.
  • To maximize the return to the policyholders by economizing on expenses and increasing the yield on investment.
  • To make life insurance a more effective means of mobilizing national savings.
  • To widen the area of operation of life insurance and making it available to as large a section of the population as possible, extending it from the comparatively more affluent sections of society to the common man in towns and villages.
  • To use the policyholders fund in the wider interest of the community.


To empower lives by providing security and protection through insurance and financial solutions developed for the best advantage of the community leading to a resilient and prosperous Pakistan.



To foster the insurance ecosystem in Pakistan by creating awareness and providing innovative life and health solutions and be a trusted partner by empowering securing and protecting every individual's life.

Quality Policy


To ensure satisfaction of our valued policyholders in processing new business, providing after sales service and optimizing return on Life Fund through a quality culture and to maintain ourselves leading life insurer in Pakistan.