Child Protection Assurance

This is a joint life assurance and covers the lives of child and either of the parents. If the policyholder and the child both survive full term of the policy, sum insured and accrued bonuses become payable. If the policyholder dies before completion of term of the policy the payment of premiums ceases and the child is paid an income of Rs 100/- per thousand sum insured per annum till the completion of the policy term. On completion of policy term, sum insured inclusive of bonuses accrued till the death of the policyholder is paid to the child.

If the child dies (Allah forbid) before maturity of the policy and during lifetime of the policyholder, the death claim payable to the policyholder depends on the age at death of the child.

As the name suggests, the plan is suitable for parents who want to cater future financial needs of their children incase of death of the breadwinner of the family. The plan has a unique feature of providing coverage on the life of child. The coverage of the policy can further be widened by attaching supplementary covers. Please click here for the details of supplementary covers. If you want to calculate your premium under this plan, please click here.