Haari Plan

Minimum Age Limit: 18
Maximum Age Limit: 60

Most of the population of our country lives in towns and villages. The economic problems of the rural population are different from those of the urban population. State Life has developed a plan to provide life insurance benefits to the majority of the country’s population, which is living in rural areas. The plan is crafted as per the needs, lifestyle and conditions of the rural population. Under this plan, the insured gets the insurance coverage during the fixed term of the policy, and at the end of the term, he is paid the sum assured along with the bonus amount. If the insured person dies before the expiry of the term of the policy, the sum assured and the accumulated bonus amount are paid to heirs of the insured. Financial security is to be provided in case of hospitalization for treatment. This policy aims to provide financial coverage in case of hospitalization for treatment of any ailment or, God forbid, an accident.

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